125 Half Mile Road, Suite 102
Red Bank, NJ 07701
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Felicia Garland, (JD*) CFP®

Family Wealth Advisor

Felicia Garland, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, applies her nearly ten years of financial planning experience to help her clients build the financial resources they need to live the lives they desire. Prior to becoming a financial advisor, Felicia spent 20 years as a practicing attorney, specializing in the insurance and securities industries. She is a former partner of the law firm McManimon & Scotland, and the former in-house General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Crum & Foster. She earned her Juris Doctor from The Georgetown University Law Center, and her Bachelor of Arts in history and political science from The Robert C. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon.

Working with Women Investors

Many of Felicia’s clients are women – bright, strong women who work hard and have successful careers. Despite their personal and professional success, many women often feel less than confident about their financial futures, which can cause unnecessary anxiety. Felicia understands this and strives to educate her clients so they can better understand their financial situations and make confident financial decisions.

Whether a woman begins working with Felicia mid-career, after a divorce or death of a spouse, or during a career upheaval, they likely have the same three concerns:

  1. Will I have enough money to retire?
  2. Will I have to sacrifice my lifestyle?
  3. How can I feel more in control of my money?

Felicia’s Dynamic Wealth Process

For all of her clients, Felicia works closely with them to:

  • Build a Purpose-Driven Plan designed to meet individual lifestyle needs.
  • Implement a Dynamic Wealth Process, which provides measurable progress.
  • Provide the knowledge and support needed to feel financially confident about the future.

Felicia’s Story

“I was married at 27, and while I was a successful attorney, I chose to leave all the money management to my husband. I built my career and took care of the household and family. He paid the bills, handled all the investments and met with ’our’ financial advisor.” It never occurred to Felicia to attend these financial meetings. “So when I was suddenly faced with a divorce combined with my financial ignorance, my world came crashing down.” To make matters worse, within months of her divorce, Felicia was laid off.

Felicia was forced to step up, and began learning about her money and investing. The more she learned, the more her confidence grew. Understanding her money and investments became so empowering that Felicia was inspired to become a financial advisor to help other women in similar situations.

After changing careers and entering the financial industry, Felicia quickly learned that she was not alone. So many women who were referred to her felt clueless about money. But with just a little education and understanding, their confidence grew and they started asking important questions that would impact their lives.

That’s why Felicia’s true purpose and passion as a financial advisor is to create an environment where women are encouraged to get more involved in their financial affairs, where they feel comfortable asking questions, and where they can get the education they need to feel confident about their financial futures.

*Licensed, not practicing