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Our Investment Philosophy

We manage your portfolio according to our investment philosophy, which has taken us years to develop.  And while our investment philosophy will continue to evolve as we learn and grow, there are the basic building blocks to our portfolio construction techniques:

  1. Asset Allocation This is the primary driver of risk and potential performance and is just the mix between cash, bonds and stocks.
  2. Tax Efficiency/Asset Location We help make your portfolio as tax-efficient as possible by managing it based on the account's tax characteristics. For example, tax-deferred accounts (such as IRAs) are not managed the same as taxable accounts (such as joint accounts). Where appropriate, we place the most tax-efficient assets in your taxable account so it will generate the least amount of taxes possible. And we try to place investments that are the least tax efficient into your tax-deferred accounts. 
  3. Manager Search and Selection When it comes to selecting investments (either mutual funds or ETFs) to be placed in your portfolio, we utilize a thorough process that attempts to isolate a manager's skill level, as opposed to their level of "luck." We much prefer skill over luck, and believe it or not, this is quantifiable. 
  4. Active versus Passive Investing For each asset class, we make a decision to utilize active fund managers (managers that try to outperform their respective benchmark) or passive fund managers (managers that maintain very close performance to that of the benchmark for very low cost). We think there is a place in your portfolio for both styles, and we move between styles as we think appropriate.