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Retirement Planning

The time to start thinking about retirement is many years before the actual event – that’s the “planning” part that has to come first to make sure you are financially ready to retire when you choose to. Most people begin saving for retirement in their 20s with their first full-time job. But saving for retirement is just one element – how do you know when and if you’ve saved enough to actually stop working when you would like to?

At Krietzberg Wealth Management, our professional financial advisers will help you create your custom retirement plan so you can be confident in the future you are building. We help you to calculate your current and future income and expenses with a detailed cash flow analysis, and create an income withdrawal strategy that works best for you. More specifically, here’s how we help:

  • Income. We help you understand if you have sufficient assets to generate an income in retirement to support the kind of retirement you choose to live.
  • Legacy. We walk you through your current wills, trusts, and legal documents to ensure that they accurately reflect your wishes.
  • Healthcare. We work with you to consider how your healthcare and long-term care needs can affect your future retirement income, and what your choices are.
  • Taxes. We educate you regarding the tax characteristics of each of your investment and retirement accounts, and help you plan how and when to pull assets out of each.

We help you build today for the tomorrow you dream of.